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Intelligence of vacuum circuit breaker faces three big technical problems
Date:2011-09-22 Read for [1875] times 
Under the construction of intelligent power grid unified big background, how does vacuum circuit breaker as one of the core part of transmission and distribution equipments meet the demand of informatization, digitization and automation of intelligent grid. It becomes hot issue that the research institutions and manufacturers are concern about.
From the user's future demand point of view, the intelligent vacuum circuit breaker should have not only general function, but also should have a perception function, critical thinking function and executive function. That means it not only have to accurately to get a lot of sensitive information from surroundings to get them analyzed, processed, send out performed orders and monitor, but also have to feedback and operate the results from analysis and operation.
For the above requirements, intelligent vacuum circuit breaker has three technical problems need to be broken through.
The first technique problem is to realize the function of perception . This is the foundation of intelligence, the realization of the function must rely on modern sensor technology to get information such as voltage, current, insulation (PD), distance, speed, temperature, etc. The information will be converted into various signal that can be identified and processed by excellent and reliable sensor which surely have small volume, be convenient to be installed and can adapt to the working environment of circuit breakers .And the signal can accurately, reliably and sensitively reflect the change of information.
The second technical problem is to realize the function of thought and judgment. It is the core of intelligence, the realization of the function must rely on modern electronic technology, computer technology and communication technology.
The third technical problem is to realize the function of executive function. It must operate reliably follow the instructions of the controller, complete the close and open of circuit breaker to realize the executive function.
The realization of perception function and the thinking judgment function is the technical difficulty of  R&D of intelligent vacuum circuit breaker that need expending huge effort to break out. Now many products has unveiled that the breakthrough of the key technology will be available soon.
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