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Zhoushan power company Dinghai power supply subsidiary PAR (Project Acceptance Report) (2008) :

"Remote control HV switch and control device" is distribution automation product cooperatively developed by Zhoushan power company Dinghai power supply subsidiary and Yuyao Xingbang electric Co., LTD. Primary product installed in 2006, only had the function of site remote control. Total solution was designed in April,2008, and had been run in simulational experiment garden of Yuyao Xingbang electric Co., LTD for a month for its necessary improvement. The instrument had been put into trial operation in substations which were in the charge of Dinghai power supply company. Seven switches were installed on distribution lines such as small-cross 711 line, ring 717 line, east along the port 722 line, coastal 922 line, TanFeng 923 line and small-cross 916 line. (as shown in the diagram below). From July to November in 2008 ,comprehensively analyzed project products totally according to technological parameters , and established the detailed operation files, set up the necessary function of miss operation blocking and issued a related operation system. At the end of November 2008, Dinghai zhoushan power company organization relevant experts to identify and summarize up some tips about actual operation status.
Since July 5 2008,it has been running networks for 142 days. During operation, all functions has proved many times over very normal. no broken network phenomenon has been found during running networks, and the networking is reliable, telemetry data is correct and complete, interface is clear, and the operation is simple and easy to learn. The management of high voltage outdoor switch in 10 kV power distribution system is a heavy and complicated workload problem.With the product, it is easy to aware of outdoor voltage switch portion and state, voltage, current related data, whether to have such as the abnormal situation in the control room, it greatly reduced labor intensity,shortened work time, and greatly improved 10 kV power distribution work management .
Since acceptance at end of November,2008, the number of switches online of Dinghai power supply subsidiary gradually increases from 7 original to 31 sets. Schematic diagram is as follows:

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